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Direct access to our specialist

With BusinessFlex, small and medium sized businesses hace access to a complete range of banking solutions, In fact, our team of specialist are never more than a phone call or mouse-click away with solutions specially tailored to your line of business.

Day-today Banking

Simplify your bank

Because your business is much more than the sum of your banking transactions, we offer several day-today banking packages designed to save you time and money.

  • Commercial accounts
  • Packages for business
  • Electronic Solutions
  • Telephone Banking Solutions
  • Payroll Solutions
  • Mastercard Solutions
  • Financing

    Financing your growth

    Weather you're expanding your business or upgrading your equipment, BusinessFlex can offer you financing of up to $500,000 with attractive terms and conditions.

  • BusinessFlex line of credit
  • BusinessFlexTerm loan
  • Mastercard credit cards
  • Health care and life sciences
  • Agribusiness financing
  • Investments

    Make your cash assets work for you

    Our flexible investment solutions offer a range of customized options for your short-, medium- or long-term needs.

  • Short-term investments
  • Medium-term and long-term investment
  • Group retirement plans
  • International

    Got big plans?

    With BusinessFlex, you have access to a team of international market specialist who can help you make the most of your business operations abroad.

  • Foreign Exchange and Derivative Products
  • Import-Export Services
  • Foreign Currency Accounts
  • Export Financing
  • Accounts receivable financing program
  • Accounts payable financing
  • Insurance

    Minimize risk

    It is important to safeguard your company to ensure its future. Check out our loan insurance section for more information.

  • Loan Insurance
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